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Mesotherapy is a treatment method that we hear frequently especially in medical aesthetic applications, but can also be used in some different diseases. We have presented you the things you need to know about mesotherapy and what you are curious about under certain headings.



Mesotherapy is a very popular non-surgical procedure, especially used in skin rejuvenation, youthful appearance and regional slimming, cellulite treatments. First, Dr. It was introduced by Pistor in 1952 in France.

Mesotherapy is the principle of providing maximum benefit directly in the target area by giving a much smaller amount of drugs to the mesoderm layer of the skin to the areas that need treatment in our body. Normally, in the classical treatment principle, the side effects of drugs taken by mouth or intravenously in high doses are not seen in Mesotherapy, so we are protected from toxic effects.

Mesotherapy; It is the injection of minerals, vitamins, amino acids or enzymes into the targeted area individually or as a mixture, with the help of a needle, into the mesoderm layer of the skin. These mixtures are arranged and applied in sessions according to the age, health status and desire of the person, which has a wide application area.

Although aesthetic mesotherapy procedures have come to the fore today, this treatment can also be used in other disease groups.


Before the application of mesotherapy, a physical examination is made after a detailed interview about the patient’s discomfort and wishes, and the treatment plan is determined.

Mesotherapy is applied by preparing products such as minerals, enzymes, herbal mixtures or growth factors determined by your doctor and giving them to the middle layer of the skin.

Mesotherapy is usually applied to the planned area with very thin (30-33G size) needles at an angle to the skin at certain intervals.

An anesthetic cream is applied to the area approximately 20 minutes before mesotherapy is performed.

Mesotherapy application can also be done with a mechanical device or with devices that allow painless mesotherapy.

The procedure is not a surgical procedure, you can return to your daily life after the application.


Mesotherapy is an effective method that is frequently used due to the fact that it has no side effects and does not affect daily life, where non-surgical beauty is increasingly popular. According to the needs of the person, the solution prepared from amino acids, vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid, enzymes and growth factors is injected into the skin.

Mesotherapy improves the appearance and quality of the skin by increasing the production of elastin and collagen, which decreases from the age of 30 on the skin. At the same time, it increases blood and lymphatic circulation in this area, and helps to purify our skin from toxins that cause dull, lifeless and stained appearance.

Situations where mesoterp is effective and beneficial;

  • Anti-aging, antiaging effect
  • Removal of skin blemishes, acne and scars
  • Ringworm (alopecia) treatment
    hair loss treatment
  • Sports injuries, joint and muscle injuries
  • In the treatment of acute and chronic pain
  • Cellulite treatment
  • In the treatment of stretch marks
  • Regional slimming treatment
  • To accelerate wound healing
  • It is used for whitening special areas such as the eye area, armpit and intima area.

The positive side of the application is that the applied drugs are applied directly to the skin and do not harm our organs such as the liver by not passing into the systemic circulation.

To whom and at what age is mesotherapy done?

Mesotherapy can be done to anyone, healthy male and female, over the age of 18. In non-medical aesthetic applications, that is, in applications for the treatment of a disease, the suitability of the person is determined by considering the existing comorbidity of the patient and the drugs used.

What are the Side Effects and Harms of Mesotherapy?

The side effects of mesotherapy are very few compared to other medical applications. It is mostly in the form of redness and bruising in the mesotherapy application area due to the procedure. These side effects vary from person to person and are temporary situations that do not last long.

Allergy may develop against the substances used during mesotherapy. For this reason, allergy histories of people who are treated should be analyzed well.

Side effects that can be seen during the mesotherapy procedure:

Nausea, Vomiting due to hypotension
Skin sensitivity, itching and burning sensation
Skin swelling, redness and bruising
A rash may develop on the skin.

If bruising occurs after mesotherapy, it is necessary to be protected from sunlight, otherwise dark staining may occur in these areas.

What Should Be Considered After Mesotherapy?

There are some points to be considered after the mesotherapy procedure.

– 5 days before and after the procedure, blood thinners (such as aspirin), herbal teas, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that are pain relievers, high protein supplements, smoking and alcohol should not be used.

-After mesotherapy application, cold application should be applied to the treatment area to prevent edema, swelling, redness and bruising. It is recommended that these applications be in the form of 10-15 minutes of application and 15 minutes of break.

– Before touching the area where mesotherapy is performed, the person should wash their hands, this area should not be itchy in any way.

– Since the pores are opened on the skin surface in the mesotherapy application, it is not recommended to wash the treated area for 8-10 hours and to apply make-up to prevent infection.

-After facial mesotherapy, at least 1 week of sun protection and sunscreen creams should be used.

– It is not recommended to wear very tight clothes that will adversely affect the circulation of these areas, especially after body mesotherapy, such as regional lubrication or cellulite application.

– It is not recommended to swim in the pool or sea for 1 week after mesotherapy.

How many sessions of mesotherapy should be done, when does the effect begin?

The purpose of mesotherapy application sessions varies according to the application area, gender and age. There are cases where it is not recommended to do more than just 2 or 3 sessions a year, and there are also applications where 5-6 sessions are done with 10-day intervals and then a repeat dose is recommended in certain months of the year. The effect begins to be observed with the first session, and the effectiveness varies according to the structure of the person and the substances applied.

What are the application forms of mesotherapy?

The important thing in the application of mesotherapy is that the substances that cannot pass into the skin normally pass into the skin and penetrate here. This too

  • Classic micro injection
  • Needle-free mesotherapy

form can be made.

What are the application areas of mesotherapy?

Application areas of mesotherapy for aesthetic purposes;

-facial mesotherapy

-hair mesotherapy

It is in the form of body mesotherapy.

Non-aesthetic mesotherapy procedure is applied to muscle, joint or nerve neighborhoods in athlete injuries, joint disorders or pain treatment.

What is Facial Mesotherapy?

Facial mesotherapy is used to treat skin problems with mesotherapy drugs.

Spots on the skin, acne scars, postpartum color inequalities, fine wrinkles, sagging due to collagen deficiency, dark circles under the eyes and dryness of the skin are treated with different mesotherapy cocktails.

The frequency and duration of the sessions in facial mesotherapy vary according to the mesotherapy product used. It is possible and normal to have regional bleeding and bruising after the application. One of the most important points to be considered after facial mesotherapy is not to go out in the sun until the bruises go away, or to protect the face from the sun with high protection factor sunscreens.

While ready-made cocktails are generally used in facial mesotherapy, sometimes some additions can be made according to the needs of the skin, age of the patient, skin quality and skin type. For example, while using products to reduce melanin pigment in spot treatment, products are used to increase skin moisture in skin dryness and fine wrinkle treatments, and to increase subcutaneous collagen synthesis in sagging.

Mesotherapy in spot treatment

In the treatment of blemishes, mesotherapy is done by injecting effective mesotherapy products into the formed blemishes. Stains can occur on the skin for various reasons. The most common ones are sunspots, age spots, acne scars, pregnancy spots and traumatic spots. If the cells that give color to the skin, which we call melanocytes, produce the melanin pigment excessively and uncontrollably, staining may occur on the skin. One of the most effective methods we use in stain treatment is stain mesotherapy.

How is blemish mesotherapy done?

Mesotherapy products used in the treatment of skin blemishes are injected under the skin with the help of very fine needles. There may be redness, bruising and swelling after the procedure. After the procedure, especially the bruised area should be protected with high factor sunscreen. The procedure is performed on average 4-6 sessions at intervals of 7-10 days.

What is hair mesotherapy?

Hair loss treatment can be done in men and women with hair mesotherapy. Hair loss is a common condition in more than half of men.

Does Mesotherapy Prevent Hair Loss in Men?

The most common type of hair loss in men is hormone-sensitive hair loss. DHT, which is formed by the change of the male hormone testosterone in the skin, causes hair loss in the front part of the hair (frontal area), which is more sensitive to this hormone in men. With the increase in the value given to aesthetic appearance in today’s conditions, men have started to feel more discomfort from hair loss and have started to seek treatment ways. With hair mesotherapy, mesotherapy products suitable for the nutrition and needs of the hair are injected into the hair. In this way, the hair gets the vitamins and amino acids it needs, and the blood circulation of the hair increases and adequate oxygenation is provided. However, it is not possible to completely prevent hormone-sensitive hair loss. With the application of mesotherapy, hair loss is delayed, thin and weak hair becomes more prominent and stronger.

Hair mesotherapy is a treatment method that is needed by women as well as men. Hair loss, which is not associated with anemia or vitamin deficiencies, especially due to stress, is the most common cause of hair loss in women. With hair mesotherapy, hair roots become stronger, hair becomes brighter and well-groomed.

How is hair mesotherapy done?

Hair mesotherapy is done by injecting products with fine needles produced for mesotherapy application under the scalp. Treatment is done in 4-6 sessions at intervals of 7-10 days. It is repeated every 6 months or once a year, depending on the condition of the hair.

In order to increase the effectiveness of mesotherapy in the treatment of hair loss, necessary vitamin and mineral supplements, shampoo changes or topical drug treatments are recommended depending on the situation.

What is body mesotherapy?

Body mesotherapy is based on the injection of mesotherapy products to any part of the body. The most common application reasons for body mesotherapy are cellulite, stretch marks and regional thinning treatments. While the content is injected more superficially in the treatment of cellulite and cracks, there is a deeper injection in mesotherapy for lipolysis (regional thinning). The most important point to note here is that more products are used in body mesotherapy than in facial and hair mesotherapy. For this reason, the procedure should not be performed by anyone other than a doctor. It is also strictly forbidden to practice outside of a doctor. Apart from these, body mesotherapy can also be used in the treatment of stains.

In addition to these, body mesotherapy is often used for non-aesthetic purposes. Muscle, joint pain, wound treatments; Body mesotherapy is used to reduce pain, increase blood supply and activate the body’s regional treatment mechanisms.

Benefits of mesotherapy in cellulite treatment

  • With the application of mesotherapy in the treatment of cellulite, the orange peel appearance on the skin decreases and disappears. Normally, the upper and lower layers of the skin are connected by vertically extending fibrous bands. While the normal fat cells between these bands are not visible from the outside, when the fat cells grow due to weight gain, they get stuck between the bands and cause bumps that look like orange peel from the outside. In the treatment of cellulite, lipolytic substances given under the skin with mesotherapy regulate blood and lymph circulation, break up fat cells and loosen fibrous bands. In this way, the skin looks smoother and flatter.
    Our most powerful and important weapon in cellulite treatment is mesotherapy. However, the rate of cellulite treatment with mesotherapy also varies from person to person. The main factors affecting the treatment are genetics, cellulite stage, lifestyle and diet.
  • Cellulite treatment with mesotherapy must be supported by dietary changes and sports. Regulation of lymph flow with massage also increases the effectiveness of the treatment.

How is mesotherapy done in cellulite treatment?

In the treatment of cellulite, the injection of mesotherapy products is more superficial than the regional lubrication treatment. The frequency of sessions varies according to the degree of cellulite. The intervals between sessions also vary according to the amount of mesotherapy product used. Treatments are usually scheduled once a month. Results start to be seen from the first session.

Regional slimming with mesotherapy

Regional slimming with mesotherapy is especially used in the treatment of regional lubrication that cannot be eliminated by sports. It is applied in the form of injection of mesotherapy products, which break down the fat cells in the body, into the oily area under the skin. After the application of regional slimming with mesotherapy, the disintegrated cells are removed from the environment by lymph drainage and blood flow and are excreted from the body. During this period, it is important to consume plenty of water so that the disintegrating cells can be removed from the body more easily. Again, sports, massage, dietary changes increase the success of the procedure.

Fat cells are one of the areas in our body where toxins are often stored. There is an increase in blood toxin levels after fat-burning, cell-destroying treatment methods. In addition to drinking plenty of water to remove toxins, treatment methods such as ozone therapy that activate the body’s detox mechanisms are also recommended.

How is mesotherapy done in regional slimming treatment?
In the treatment of regional slimming, mesotherapy products are injected into the subcutaneous fat layer. The number and frequency of sessions vary from patient to patient and the amount of product injected.


T.R. Official hospitals and clinics approved by the Ministry of Health are prohibited from stating figures about mesotherapy prices on their websites, and penal sanctions are applied to official institutions and organizations that do not comply with this rule. In addition, in order for Specialist Doctor Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz to give clear information about the mesotherapy treatment method and prices, it is necessary to first examine the patient and analyze the current health status, and then decide on mesotherapy sessions after listening to her complaints and expectations.

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